Sage Rosemary Wholistic, June 28th 2021

My name is Jana Brogan and I am speaking to you as a settler from the traditional hunting and gathering grounds of the Nbisiing Peoples and the Robinson-Huron Treaty. I am here today to introduce the launch of my new business, Sage Rosemary Wholistic.

Sage Rosemary Wholistic is the culmination of many years of personal investment and growth, and encompasses many modalities.

Primarily, Sage Rosemary Wholistic will serve as a platform for my practice as a Clinical Therapeutic Herbalist in the Western tradition and provide an alternative approach (as well as serving as an adjunct therapy) to allopathic medicine.

As a clinical herbalist, I will be offering virtual as well as in-person appointments. Eventually, I will be offering a brick and mortar space for both the clinic and the apothecary, but for now the apothecary will exist only online and appointments will take place either in a virtual space or in the comfort of a clients home.  I will come to you.

I will  be crafting and formulating teas, tinctures, topical applications, flower essences, and essential oil blends specific to my individual clients as well as offering some broader spectrum products for the public and community at large.

As the sole proprietor of Sage Rosemary Wholistic, I am resolutely committed to creating and offering  products and using materials that are sustainable and regenerative and packaging that is reusable or biodegradable.  Sourcing organic plants and ingredients will be a priority and organic ingredients will be used whenever possible. Full transparency is of the utmost importance and products not 100% organic will be labeled accordingly.

Herbalism is a beautiful healing art that focuses on discovering and treating the root cause of disease and disorder within the body. Symptom management is always a consideration for herbalists, but at the heart of the practice is the desire to help the body heal, and not apply band-aid solutions.

My formal training as an herbalist falls upon a lifetime of relationship and trust building experiences with the plants. I recently completed an intensive course of study in Therapeutic Herbalism at the Institute of Traditional Medicine (ITM) where I spent 2 years learning about and working in clinical practice, as well many other aspects of Herbal Medicine.  

The beauty of my training is that it serves as a bridge between science and tradition, and I embrace an extensive knowledge of both in my practice. 

The premise of herbalism is using plant medicine; the biochemical constituents, energetics, and traditions to identify, address and allow the body to heal on a deep level.

There is a vast and rich tradition of healing through botanicals. Plants offered the original medicine that most pharmaceuticals are copied from, and phytotherapy and the intricate synergies expressed through the plants are often still too complicated for science to explain. However, science now has the technology and data to validate what the tradition has always known … plants are powerful and potent healers, and plant medicine works.

Health is never as simple as taking a pill and involves time and commitment from the client … but healing that takes place through plant medicine is deep and often, overtime, permanent, altering the body on a cellular level through the intelligence of the plants.

Sage Rosemary Wholistics will also build and offer an apothecary where clients and the community at large can purchase plant based medicines and products which will serve in every day  while encouraging a kinder and more gentle  approach to life…walking softly on this sacred earth.

As a wholistic practice, Sage Rosemary offers clients meaningful and practical lifestyle and nutrition suggestions as well as resources for education and clarity and as a wholistic practitioner, I am also trained as a Death Doula and a Reiki Master and I weave these modalities into my treatments.

Over the year I  will be collaborating with other like minded individuals to offer creative and growth oriented retreats, public workshops, blog posts and a podcast.

I also act as an industry consultant and plant based lifestyle advocate dedicated to educating the public about the true cost of food choices and speaking to the reality that we are literally built by what we put on and into our bodies and that our choices are reflected in the health of our communities and the earth.

It is important to me that these services are accessible, and to that end will be offering a sliding scale for fees. If someone finds the prices a barrier to healing, please reach out to the clinic privately and I will work with you to create a plan that works.

Thank you.

I look forward to working with you.


  1. Christine Brush says:

    I met you this morning ( Aug 18) at the store and am really looking forward to benefitting from your knowledge and remedies.


    1. Hell Christine! I trust that you are well on this September afternoon. I am looking at booking for the last week of September and was wondering about your availability. We can do a virtual appointment or face to face ( I will come to you) depending on your comfort level and requirements. My initial intake is $150.00 and is usually between 1.5-2 hours. From the intake I will email you my findings and suggestions at which time you will be able to order the recommended herbs from me should you choose. Follow up appointments, as needed, are $65.00 and take as long as we find necessary…generally between 45 minutes and 1 hour. Look forward to speaking in more detail. Let me know the best time for meeting ( morning, afternoon, evening or weekend) and whether we should book virtually or face to face. Enjoy your day!


      1. Christine says:

        Hello Jana, my request may be somewhat unusual.
        I have been basically plant based whole food for some years but I shouldn’t call myself Vegan. Whilst we rescued animals for years there are still things that I eat that are not good.
        Since Covid, I have eaten badly and have gained weight and would very much like to get back to my more healthy way of eating. I feel that because you are a true Vegan, even at my age I could learn a lot. So I am asking you to become a coach, encouraging me, maybe help with an eating plan that may at some point include herbs and some suggested recipes to help me stay on track. I am on a pension, but would expect to pay the initial “intake” fee if you are willing to do this.
        I will understand if its not something you want to do.
        Christine. 705 478 0978


      2. Hello Christine! I have replied to you via text but have not heard back from you….perhaps texting is not a good way to reach you? I am home tomorrow in my office and if I have not heard from you by then I will call. Have a super day!


      3. Christine. 705 478 0978 home line. says:

        Jana, I have not received a text and would like to speak to you. Please call when you can .


  2. Kathleen Cutsey says:

    I have known Jana, mostly casual, for many years and have always felt a safe and beautiful connection with her. She vibrates something special and when I learned that she was embarking on this journey I wasted no time to schedule my first session. I had no idea what to expect but knew I was in good hands. Not only is she brilliant in her craft, her passion comes across with smooth clarity. I am so looking forward to receiving my follow up report and beginning a new path to my own health and wellness. It just makes perfect sense to me. Thank you Jana. You are truly gifted.


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