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Formulated Medicines: These tinctures, teas, flower essences and oil blends are specifically formulated for a client’s individual needs while under the care and supervision of the Herbal Clinic. Prices to be announced.

Clinically-formulated Herbal Tinctures – alcohol based tinctures are available in 16 oz and 4 oz sizes. For individuals not wishing to use alcohol, formulations are available as glycerites.

16 oz tincture: $75.00

4oz tincture: $18.80

Clinically formulated Herbal Teas: Herbal teas are available in 100 gram measures.

100 gram herbal tea: $25.00

Flower Essences

Essential Oil Blends

Botanical Medicines

these pre-formulated products contain gentle and traditional herbs that are often used to treat common discomfort and the symptoms associated with menstrual pain, digestive upset and stress. It is always recommended to work with an herbalist to identify the root cause of disorder/discomfort and disease and address it through individual protocols; these products are offered primarily to offer gentle support; true healing begins with identification and treatment of the root of the disorder

Fire Cider- First batch ready October 6th, 2021

Fire Cider is available as an Acetum or Oxymel.

An Acetum is a tincture in which the biochemical constituents of a plant are extracted using vinegar instead of alcohol or water.

Acetum, 16 oz : $40.00; sold in an amber bottle to preserve the integrity of the herbs.

Coming Soon! Pricing TBA

Awaken, enlivening coffee replacement

Cycle, tea for menstrual pain

Cycle, tincture for menstrual pain; drop dosage: 4oz, $18.00.

Cycle, topical application for menstrual pain

Embrace, gentle tea for sleep enhancement

Embrace, gentle tincture for sleep enhancement

Embrace, massage lotion for sleep enhancement

Nourish, tonic tea for digestive support

Nourish, tonic tincture for digestive support

Nourish, massage lotion to assist in digestion

Nurture, tonic tea to modulate the stress response

Nurture, tonic tincture to modulate the stress response

Nurture, massage lotion for stress reduction

Mineralising Acetum ( made with organic apple cider vinegar and herbs)

Bulk Herbs (pricing and amounts dependent on supply and availability)

Angelica archangelica



Alchemilla vulgaris

Artemesia vulgaris

Articum lappa

Aescuus hippocastunum

Arctostophylos uva ursi

Avena sativa

Borago officinalis

Capsicum anum

Centella asciatica

Cimicifuga racemosa

Cratageus laevigata

Curcuma longa

Cynara scolymus

Dioscorea villosa

Echinacea purpurea

Equisetum arvense

Eupatorium perfoliatum

Galium aparine

Ginko biloba

Glycyrrhiza glabra

Hericium erinaceus

Hypericum perforatum

Inula helenium

Leonurus cardiaca

Lobelia inflata

Mahonia aquifolium

Medico sativa

Melissa officinalis

Mentha piperita

Ocimum sanctum

Panax quinquefolius

Passiflora incarnate

Peonia alba

Prunus serotina

Rhodiola rosea


Rubus idaeus

Rumex crispus

Sanguinera canadensis

Scutellaria lateriflora

Serenoa repens

Sambucus nigra

Shisandra chinesis

Silybum marianum

Solidago canadensis

Stachys betonica

Stellaria media

Symphytum officinalis

Tabebuia impetiginosis

Tanacetum parthenium

Taraxacum fol

Taraxacum rad

Thymus vulgaris

Tilea cordata

Trifolium pratens

Verbascum thapsus

Verbena officinalis

Viburnum opulus

Zanthoxylum americannum

Zingiber officinales

Zea mays

viburnum opulus

vitex agnus-castus

Cucrcuma longa

Menyanthes trifoliata

salix alba

Leonurus cardiaca

solidago canadensis

Eupatorium purpurium

Galium aparine

plantago majoris


achillea millifolium

capsella bursis pastoral

mitchella repens

trifolium pratense

prunella vulgarius


calendula officinalis

fillipendula officinalis

piscidia erythrina

withania somnifaria


zanthoxylum americannum

matricaria officinalis

urtica dioica

Cratageus laevigata

Beeswax Candles



Hand sanitiser

Bug spray

Tick spray

Sun Block

Seasonal Boxes (coming soon!) Thoughtfully curated boxes containing interesting and relevant plant-based, sustainable and seasonal products chosen to support health, wellness and joy.

Spring: Botanical and toxin-free bug spray, recipes, spring cleanse tea, mineral rich herbal acetum, dandelion syrup

Summer: botanical and toxin-free tick spray, sun-block, recipes, herbal iced tea syrup, healing hands topical salve for gardeners

Autumn: Botanical and toxin-free hand sanitizer, recipes, immune-boosting tea, elderberry syrup,

Winter: warming, room blend of essential oils for diffuser, recipes, Chai Tea blend, Homemade artisan dark chocolate, winter aid – healing dry skin balm for hands and feet, solstice – warming and sensual massage lotion