Herbal Clinic

Sage Rosemary serves as a threshold, a liminal space between the worlds where science and tradition meet; weaving together a potent experience that utilizes the strength of both medicines.

Set up an on-line or in-person appointment to meet with Clinical Herbalist Jana Brogan. The client-practitioner relationship is not defined by proximity, and virtual appointments are offered; from North Bay to Nova Scotia … Gander to Glasgow. The only requirement is dependable internet. In instances where a client is not able to meet face-to-face and a virtual appointment is not feasible, the appointment can take place over the phone. Visiting clients in the comfort of their own homes is also an option.

Various modalities will be incorporated into a treatment plan, creating an approach that is personal and tailored to the individual needs of the client. Medicines may or may not be dispensed after an intake; the botanical medicines used in clinic are tinctures, teas, topicals, flower essences as well as certified therapeutic grade essential oils. Lifestyle modifications and nutritional recommendations are within the scope and ethos of Sage Rosemary Wholistic.

Following an introductory phone call or on-line meeting, an initial intake will be set up to discuss any primary concerns, record an in-depth client history, and to discuss future treatment plans and goals.

3 follow-up appointments will be booked at 2-week intervals to check-in, track progress, address concerns, and adjust treatment as necessary.

Additional support will be offered via email, as necessary.

Introductory Phone Call/Online Meeting: One Half-Hour

Initial Intake: 1. 5 hours

Follow-Up Appointments (3) : 1 hour each

Pricing to be announced. There will be a sliding fee schedule for the HerbalClinic services. Reach out to the Clinic privately should pricing prove a barrier to treatment.