Jana Brogan

Clinical Herbalist, Death Doula

& Reiki Practitioner

Welcome to Sage Rosemary, a wholistic practice built upon the principles of botanical medicines, that uses an integrative approach to building wellness within the individual, as well as the larger community.

This virtual and and in person practice offers a variety of modalities for those seeking to heal, enrich, educate, embark (or continue) on a journey of self-discovery and reconnection to the wisdom of tradition and the earth.

At Sage Rosemary a fluid approach to client based care is a priority; acknowledging and working from a space that sees every person as an individual- creating treatment plans that recognize and support meeting people where they are.

Sage Rosemary is resolutely committed to practices that are eco-conscious and regenerative in nature; the packaging is either reusable or biodegradable and great effort has been made to ensure that the plants and other ingredients used in the products are organic.